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Always Natural, Using Organic where we can

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Why  Use Natural Products?

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No Sulphates, Parabens, Mineral oils, Synthetic oils, PEG’s, Glycols. Phthalates, DEA or TEA, Talc, Petrol-Chemicals,  Silicones (Dimethicone and others), Palm oil, Peanut oil, Triethanolamine.

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FAQ Soaps


Can I use your soap on my face?
Our soaps are gentle enough for the face. However, use caution when using essential oils or any exfoliants on this gentle skin. Often soaps specifically designed for the face contain less fragrance and a different formulation which is why we recommend using a designated facial soap.
How is your soap made?
Real soap is made through the saponification process (called Cold Process, since its made from scratch)  where oils mix with sodium hydroxide and go through a chemistry process resulting in fully saponified soap. Our cold processed soap then takes roughly four to 6 weeks to cure, allowing it to dry and complete the process. With aging, soap becomes milder and the bar harder.
How long do your soaps last?
With average use, our 120g cold process bars last 2-3 weeks. Our glycerine soaps last up to 2 weeks.
I want a special blend or custom made soap or cologne. Can you do this?
Yes, we love these requests!  Although minimum amounts apply.

What is in your soaps?
Our soaps are comprised of one or more of the following food grade oils: organic coconut, extra virgin olive oil, argan oil, sweet almond, apricot oil, rice bran oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed and added butters like shea, argan or cocoa. 
They may also contain fragrance or essential oils, natural exfoliants like oatmeal, sea kelp, corn meal, almond, and finely crushed herbs and Goats milk (based on the recipe).
What is superfat soap?
Superfat is a soap making term which defines the emoilience percentage of the finished soap.
What is the difference between your all natural soap and your glycerine (clear) soap?
Aside from the different chemistry processes, both are considered gentle soaps. Glycerin soap is often seen as the “pretty” soap because of its clear quality and endless molding options, like our Teddy Bear soap. Our cold process soaps (all our soaps are superfat) last longer, glycerine usually disappears faster in the shower.
Why should I buy a soap dish?

If you purchase high quality soap, it is essential to keep it dry and out of the shower stream. It will definitely lengthen the life of your soap.

Bar Soap or Liquid Body Wash?

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